Cancer Prevention

If you are worried about a family predisposition or genetic link with a particular type of cancer, be encouraged to know that there are many dietary and lifestyle strategies which can help you.  Research evidence estimates that 42% of cancer cases each year in the UK are linked to a combination of 14 major lifestyle and other factors. [1]Parkin DM, Boyd L, Walker LC. The fraction of cancer attributable to lifestyle and environmental factors in the UK in 2010. Summary and conclusions. Br J Cancer 2011;105 (S2):S77-S81.

By understanding those cancer-promoting factors and starting to incorporate anti-cancer strategies, you will not only be reducing your cancer risk for the future, but you will most likely feel healthier, more energetic, and happier in the meantime!  Dr. Sally can design a health plan specifically tailored for you to reduce your cancer risks. Please phone or email the clinic for more information or to arrange a consultation.