Terrain Based Treatment™

Supporting your journey through cancer naturally.

What is the Terrain based Treatment™ and Metabolic Approach to Cancer?

The core of the Terrain Based Treatment™, developed and taught by Dr. Nasha Winters, uses therapeutic nutrition and powerful lifestyle interventions to encourage healthy metabolism and reduce factors which trigger cancer growth.  We begin with a deep dive into understanding your individual health profile. 

A comprehensive health questionnaire, an in-depth consultation and extensive set of blood markers help us to put together an initial plan which aims to correct underlying imbalances in your body. We will check in and retest regularly to make sure that underlying imbalances are improving. This strategy guides what therapies, nutritional supplements and diet plans you will follow. The ultimate aim is to support you before, during, and beyond conventional cancer therapies. 

Terrain based Treatment™ works alongside and is not a substitute for conventional cancer treatment. It supports your body’s innate healing ability- naturally, comprehensively and holistically.

Terrain Certified Network Practitioner

Starting The Process…

We start with a FREE 15 call to meet/greet and discuss if this approach is the right fit for your health situation.

If the Terrain based Treatment™ Metabolic Approach to Cancer is appropriate for your situation, we’ll then continue our journey together.

Terrain based Treatment™ Pricing Strcuture

2 Hour Terrain Based Treatment™ – £400

My services do not replace a G.P. service and I always suggest that my clients consult their G.P. before starting any additional health program.

Consultation fee includes:

  • Dr. Sally’s pre-appointment review of your in-depth MTIH questionnaire and thorough assessment of any laboratory markers/ scans/ consultant letters which you’ve sent prior to the appointment.
  • A 2-hour phone or Zoom consultation to go through your current health situation in great depth and discuss next steps.
  • A detailed tailor-made written report with recommendations for blood or other laboratory testing, dietary, lifestyle, herbal and nutritional supplement recommendations, and signposting for other high-impact therapies, sent by email or post within 1 week  of your consultation.
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.
  • A personal referral for a Terrain Advocate, to give you extra guidance and support while using this approach.  Although optional, many clients find the services of an Advocate invaluable to the success in following the Terrain Based Treatment™.
  • A 15 minute telephone follow-up call to check in on your progress and answer any questions, timed two weeks after your initial consultation.

1 Hour follow-up consultations: £175

Follow-up sessions are necessary to the success of a long-term health improvement plan. In order to achieve the best possible treatment combinations, Sally finds that checking in, initially on a monthly basis, works very well with the Terrain Based Treatment™.

Session fee includes:

  • A 60 minute phone or Zoom appointment to assess your progress with the recommendations from the previous session(s);
  • Dietary, lifestyle and supplement modifications, if necessary. These will be sent by email or post within 2 days of your consultation;
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.

30 Minute follow-up consultations:  £100

Half hour sessions are scheduled when a brief visit is needed to discuss lab results, make simple changes to diet plans, or to review less complex health situations.

Session fee includes:

  • A 30 minute phone or Zoom appointment.
  • Input regarding laboratory results or changes to your diet plan/ nutritional supplement program. These will be written/typed during the appointment or sent by email or post within 2 days of your consultation.
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.

I’m a Terrain based Treatment™ Certified Practitioner

Taught by Dr. Nasha Winters, co-author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, the one year Terrain Based Treatment™ course emphasises putting the patient first in cancer care. 

It uses the Test, Assess, Address™ methodology to reverse chronic disease and manage cancer symptoms.  This is an integrative approach that values standard of care, naturopathic medicine and complementary therapies. 

Dr Sally Horrobin ND