Cancer 2

February 18, 2015

Sally Horrobin was recommended to me in 2009 when, in my early 40s, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was just about to start chemotherapy and Sally kindly fitted me into her very busy schedule at very short notice.

From the outset, I found that Sally had a great empathy, listened with patience and gave sound advice. She was generous with her time, both during my initial appointment and in follow up contact by ‘phone and email. My first meeting with her was followed by a detailed written report which I found was very useful to refer to as there had been so much to take in at the time.

Sally recommended a number of nutritional supplements and tinctures to assist through my post-operative period, through chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There was never any hard sell, and I felt able to purchase as few or as many as I chose to. Sally ordered most of the supplements for me and these arrived very quickly and were of good quality. I also felt able to follow recommendations I had been given elsewhere – for example, I had read a book suggesting a link between breast cancer and dairy products, and I felt that I personally wanted to cut dairy from my diet, and Sally respected my decision and was able to work with this in the advice that she gave.

I took most of the supplements that Sally had suggested, throughout the course of my treatment. She also gave valuable lifestyle advice, such as getting plenty of sleep and watching ‘feel-good’ films to counteract some of the mental side-effects of my treatment. Whilst it is difficult to know how I would have felt if I had not taken the supplements, I can say that my body seemed to cope remarkably well and that people remarked how well I looked despite the fact that I was having chemotherapy, and that my very fair skin did not burn anywhere during radiotherapy, which I would personally put down to the use of aloe vera that Sally suggested. As some of the more unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy kicked in, Sally was always on hand when I needed her, and was always generous with her time and advice.