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Get a Personal Consultation

If you want to optimize your health – I can help you with a personal consultation!

My services do not replace a G.P. service and I always suggest that my clients consult their G.P. before starting any additional health program.

The first appointment normally lasts 1 and 1/2 hours and it’s where we find out what’s out of balance and how we can work towards correcting it. The appointment can take place as a phone consultation (convenient for those living out of the West Somerset area) or in the relaxed Get Natural Wellness Clinic.

I work with a variety of therapies. These include lifestyle and diet advice, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, craniosacral therapy, and hydrotherapy.

2 Hour Personal Consultation – £85

Consultation fee includes:

  • A 2 hour private phone or office consultation to discuss your individual health concerns.
  • Written referral letter to your G.P. or consultant, if necessary, recommending blood or other laboratory tests.
  • Dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional supplement recommendations, tailor-made for you, sent by email or post within 2 days of your consultation.
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.
  • A 10 minute telephone follow-up call to check in on your progress and answer any questions, timed two weeks after your initial consultation.

If you are not sure whether a consultation with Sally is appropriate for your situation, please feel free to phone her on 01643 707556 and she is happy to answer any questions regarding her services.

1 Hour Recurring Appointment – £50

Follow-up sessions are often necessary to the success of a long-term health improvement plan. In order to achieve the best possible treatment combinations, Sally finds that checking in on a monthly or bi-monthly basis works very well.

Session fee includes:

  • A 1 hour private phone or office appointment to assess your progress with the recommendations from the previous session(s).
  • Dietary, lifestyle and supplement modifications, if necessary. These will be sent by email or post within 2 days of your consultation.
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.

30 Minute Follow-up Session – £35

Half hour sessions are scheduled when a brief visit is needed to discuss lab results, make simple changes to diet plans, or to review less complex health situations.

Session fee includes:

  • A 1/2 hour private phone, Skype or office appointment;
  • Input regarding laboratory results or changes to your diet plan/ nutritional supplement program. These will be written/typed during the appointment or sent by email or post within 2 days of your consultation.
  • Helpful articles and/or special reports related to your specific health needs.

How to get a Consultation

  1. Contact (via email or phone) Dr Sally to arrange an appointment.
  2. Download the Adult Patient Consultation Profile form (pdf 135kb) or the Paediatric (childs) Patient Consultation Profile form (pdf 120kb)
  3. Print & complete the form and either bring it with you to the appointment or post it to Dr Sally.
  4. Have the appointment and feel better!


A.O. – Mother of son with Autism

My son had severe dietary problems… the supplements recommended by Sally have really improved his quality of life. No more tummy pains, vomiting, or diarhoeaa. He is much calmer and happier.

K.M. – Colon Cancer

Sally’s treatment programme helped me through surgery and chemotherapy and helped me feel more balanced emotionally.

S.A. – Depression

I was feeling low and depressed, having mood swings. Over a period of a few weeks, Sally’s advice regarding my diet, lifestyle, and working routine have made a noticeable difference.

L.H. – Fibromyalgia

As a sufferer from headaches, muscle pain and fatigue, life can be a rollercoaster. Sally has a great understanding of treating the whole person. She helped me look at things differently… I fully recommend her.

J.H. – Insomnia

I was suffering from being unable to sleep or work, depression, lack of motivation. Sally’s advice and treatment has largely taken this away.

G.R. – Arthritis

Even after a course of treatment by a chiropractor, the pain in my shoulders persisted, and often kept me awake at night. After a very short time of taking supplements recommended by Sally, the pain in my shoulder joints virtually disappeared.